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For your requirements of perfectly moulded plastic parts, dies & moulds, visit, an ACOM Group company.



Acwa Automatics has 45 machines across the whole range.

  • CNC Sliding Head Stock upto 32mm dia
  • CNC Fixed Head Stock upto 40mm dia
  • Escomatics upto 2mm dia
  • Cam controlled automats including turret automats upto 32 dia
  • Cam controlled sliding head automats upto 25 dia

With the complete line of secondary operation machines, we produce 100% complete parts, made to our customers' satisfaction.

Our Methods are modern, but with good Old Fashioned Skilled Employers on Cam Controlled Sliding Head Stock and Fix Head Stock Machines, we have a reputation for quality, reliable delivery and competitive prices. No job is too small, too large or too tough.

Conventional cam operated machines
Conventional cam operated m/cs
Fixed Head CNC Machine
Fixed Head CNC Machine

We produce small parts to a tolerance of 0.0001 inches and drill holes small as 0.005 inches. Our machines accept round, square, hex, rectangular, oval and extruded bar stock upto 3/4 inch diameter.

Closeup of Sliding Head CNC Machine
Closeup of Sliding Head CNC Machine
CNC Machine
CNC Machine
CNC Machine
CNC Machine


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