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For your requirements of perfectly moulded plastic parts, dies & moulds, visit, an ACOM Group company.



What is the minimum And maximum quantity to be ordered?


For CNC machines the minimum batch is 250 nos/month and maximum is 10000 nos/month.

For Cam type machines the minimum quantity is 5000 nos/month while the maximum will be 40000-50000 nos/month.


Do we accept single purchase order with multiple schedules?


Yes, we do accept orders with various schedule dates.


Do we accept orders by EDI?


Yes, majority of our customers are following this method.


What are the general inco terms used?


The inco terms can be predefined as FOB, CIF, DDP or Ex-works.


Is packing a part of delivery terms?


Yes, packing is included in delivery terms.


Are reputed freight forwarders available in India?


Reputed logistics companies are located in India who provide efficient services.


Do we have a DHL / UPS Account No?


We do have an account number, which can be provided on request.


What are the terms on payment?


We accept payment terms of 30-45 days from the date of arrival at your works.

Payments will be based on opening an LC with the bank and as we get more comfortable we can mutually decide to various methods as wire transfer.


How do we deal with non-conformance?


Non-Conformance are rare and in the event of non-conformance we are ready to send you an immediate replacement.

Procedures for corrective and preventive action is discussed internally and submitted to you.


What if payment has been made already for the non-conformance?


We issue credit notes on such cases or send you a replacement batch.


Do we charge for sample development?


This would completely depend on the complexity of the component. If the job requires any specific tools above the range we posses, then we will ask for the cost of the input of tools.


Lead time for sample?


Depending upon the complexity it could be from 15 days to 1 month.


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