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For your requirements of perfectly moulded plastic parts, dies & moulds, visit, an ACOM Group company.



Quality assurance is an integral part of the production process and we operate a strict “zero defect” policy. The Accreditation to TS 16949:2002, drives our quality and systems.

Individual deliveries can be accompanied by the appropriate, Statistical Process Control (SPC) test data. Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) process techniques are employed to minimize risk and help enhance efficiency.

Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection
Surface Tester
Surface Tester
Rapid Video Measuring Machine
Rapid Video Measuring Machine

Kaizen is an integral part of our continuous improvement programme. First off and “in process” inspections are undertaken using a range of conventional and electronic measuring equipment calibrated in accordance to NABL norms.

Full traceability and certificates of conformity are available on request. Pre-control charts are employed on the production floor to ensure the reliability of the product delivered to you.

Many of our customers follow the skip lot method on their side, trusting in our quality systems.

All this means reduced lead times, our customers enjoy high quality components manufactured and delivered to the tightest of deadlines and with utmost efficiency.

The following Measuring Inspection will be used for Inspection.

Sl No Name of Instrument Make Accuracy Magnification
1 Profile Projector TM 35 Metrology Equipments 0.001 mm 20X 50X
2 Profile Projector PJR 3000 Mitotoyo 0.001 mm 10X, 20X
3 Microscope Nicon 20X
4 Magnifier Optomag 10 X
5 Roughness Testing Machine Mitotoyo 0.2 Ra to 3.2 Ra
6 Video Measuring System Rapid V 3 2J 0.003 18X, 240 X
7 Dial Comparator 0.001
8 Vernier Height Gauge Mitotoyo 0.02
9 Thread Ring and Plug Gauges HIP\Size Control\Imported M 2 to M 25
10 Digital Micrometer Mitotoyo 0.001
11 Digital Vernier Mitotoyo 0.005
12 Plain Plug Gauges Advance gauges 0.5 to 11 mm in range of 0.01 mm

QC tools used in shop Floor and Inspection Department

Sampling Plan Asper IS 2500 Stagewise Drawing
Pre Control Chart Control Chart \ Process Flow Diagram
Spc Technics CAPA for Non Confermences

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