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ACOM Group Business Philosophy

For your requirements of perfectly moulded plastic parts, dies & moulds, visit, an ACOM Group company.

Vendor Opportunities


In this context, our competitiveness depends, on our ability to satisfy our customers by offering them top-quality products and services at lower costs and as fast as possible. Together, we must build on closer cooperation, shared expertise, and innovation with a view to achieving our mutual improvement targets and increasing each participant's potential for growth.

We welcome suppliers of repute to associate with us to increase profitability and supply of better quality Raw Materials.

  1. Vendors for Brass / Stainless Steel / Carbon Steels.
  2. Platers with facility of:
    • sulfamate metal
    • codmium
    • electroless metal
    with capability of providing Test certificates.

As a company policy our employees are strictly forbidden to request or accept presents, services, privileges or any other favour from persons or companies doing business with the company or seeking to do so. In case as a supplier you feel any difficulty, kindly contact the Managing Director.

To become our Partner, please fill up the form below and your request will be considered & processed (subject to approval).

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